Cal Poly


President / Webmaster

Name: Harrison Weinstein

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Bio: Harrison is a 5th year Mechanical Engineering student and is currently working on his senior project. Although he was always a very scientific person, he decided of his own accord to attend synagouge and have a Bar Mitzvah. Around eleventh grade he began to realize his belief in God stemmed from the fact that everyone he knew believed in God. He realized that he could no longer reconcile a belief in a higher power with what he read in books and learned in school. He became a confirmed atheist shortly before leaving High School. He enjoys a good argument, playing guitar, and disc golf at his local park.

Vice President

Name: Jen Montrose

Major: General Engineering

Bio: Jen is in her 4th year at Cal Poly and is in the blended bachelors and master (4+1) program. She is working towards a BS in General Engineering and an MS in Engineering with Specialization in Integrated Technology Management. Jen was raised in a very religious household and didn't "realize" she was an atheist until around age 13. Jen enjoys bodyboarding, snorkeling, kayaking, billiards, bowling, flying kites, and a lot of other stuff most people enjoy.


Name: Nicholas Sagan

Major: Computer Engineering and Physics

Bio: Nicholas is a technologist and secular humanist. Raised Catholic, at a young age he realized that religion is only a mechanism of his species and not any fundamental truth. He enjoys long discussions on borderline and controversial problems, as well as hiking, camping and SCUBA diving. He is a supporter and promoter of the technological singularity.


Name: Walt Handloser

Major: Architectural Engineering

Bio: Walt is a fourth year Architectural Engineering student at Cal Poly. He's a connoisseur of all forms of electronic entertainment, and a voracious consumer of weird music. Though raised in a fundamentalist Christian household, he 'came out' as an atheist shortly after high school, having struggled with his beliefs and being unable to find answers (or even much logic) in the Christian faith. Walt is an eager debater, and loves nothing more than a long discussion to challenge ideas and strengthen arguments.


Name: Greg Perello

Major: History

Bio: Having dropped out of High School after 10th grade, Greg immediately enrolled in Cuesta at the age of 15. From there he transferred to Cal Poly and earned a BA in History in 2007. Greg has long been interested in social and political issues, and enjoys taking part in the current religious debate, hence his enthusiasm for the Secular Society. In what little free time he has, Greg is an avid reader, an aspiring musician, and co-founder of a local metal band.